These horror movie bath bombs are terrifyingly awesome

If you love Halloween as much as I do, then you are in for a treat.

Horror movie bath bombs are now a thing, and they look even more awesome than they sound.

The creepy bath bombs are courtesy of beauty brand Loquita Bath and Body. The company creates small-batch handmade soaps, scrubs, lotions and bath bombs which are unique, luxurious and cruelty-free.

Well, cruelty-free except for the fact that they might scare the pants off ya! Let’s take a look at some of the standout products.

First, there’s a T-Rex eyeball bathbomb, inspired by that iconic and terrifying scene from the original “Jurassic Park.”

There’s a bath soap inspired by Fairuza Balk’s lips in the favorite movie of every aspiring teen witch, “The Craft.”


Next, we have a bath bomb inspired by Brandon Lee’s makeup in “The Crow.”


And a creepy, cuddly alien.


Sold Out But Restocking Soon

Currently, the horror movie-themed bath bombs are so popular that some are already sold out, but according to the company’s Instagram page, customers can expect the Chucky bath bomb to be re-stocked again soon.

The bath bombs are all reasonably priced ($6), and Loquita also offers lip scrubs, shower steamers, hand sanitizers, sugar scrubs, and even shower fluff (including awesomely unique scents like arroz con leche, Coca Cola, and even flan!).


Describing the inspiration for her bath bombs, the owner of Loquita told Buzzfeed, “For me, a lot of inspiration comes from my childhood, background, or heritage. I want [customers] to feel nostalgia or familiarity. I want them to open up their packages and be excited that there is something out there for them.”

Well, she certainly made me feel something! Terrified and longing for a soothing bath, all at the same time.

Or, on second thought, maybe not…

After your relaxing soak, “treat” yourself to one of these monsters:

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Bath Bombs

In other bath bomb news, and while you wait for Loquita to restock, these awesome Harry Potter sorting hat bath bombs that we wrote about back in December should now be back in stock!

When you drop one of these “Sorting Hat Bath Bombs” in a tub of warm water, it will reveal your “true house.” The bombs start out as a white ball with red, yellow, blue and green stripes.

Once you drop them in the water, the suds turn from white to red (Gryffindor), yellow (Hufflepuff), blue (Ravenclaw) or green (Slytherin), which represent each of the four Hogwarts houses.

This Instagrammer shows us how it works:

Lynn makes a number of other awesome bath bombs, like this galaxy bomb:

And others that have earrings or rings hidden inside:

Or these cute Pokemon-inspired bath soaps:

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Now who’s ready to take a bath?