These Horses Can Grow Mustaches—Who Knew?

It’s certainly not everyday that you see a horse with a full-grown mustache. So it’s no wonder that these photos got everyone talking when they were published  online. You have the Bored Panda website to thank for bringing this hairy breed into your life recently—because yes indeed, these types of horses can apparently grow mustaches:

The first thing we did (after staring at these photos for a while) was look into whether or not this was actually true. Because seriously: horses with mustaches? Is this real life?

Well, pinch yourself because according to websites, these horses appear to be the real deal. You can find mustaches most commonly among the Gypsy Vanner horse breed, but they are just one of the breeds that can grow a mustache and a beard if their hair isn’t clipped.

“You will notice, if the horse is not clipped, that it will most likely have a mustache that curls up along the horse’s lips and an abundance of jaw hair, often referred to as a beard, will also be much longer than that of other breeds. Some may be so long that the beard hair comes down to the horse’s bottom lip,” the Old Mill Farm website reads.

These horses also grow an extremely long mane and hair around their hooves.

As you can imagine, people online have had lots of different reactions to these horses’, ehh, facial hair.

The initial reaction is the same for most: complete and utter shock.

“I had no idea this was a real thing,” one Twitter user wrote.

Then, the opinions start to come in. Some people find this to be beautiful.

Others say this is the greatest news ever.

Then, there are those who hate Twitter for this very reason—mustached horses popping up on their feed.

Then there are those of the mindset that this whole hairy horse thing is more creepy than cute.

Some are just plain jealous.

“This horse can grow a better mustache than me,” one person wrote.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum, one thing’s for certain. You’re going to have a hard time looking away from these photos. It’s just one of those things that you can’t un-see.