Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Cookies Taste Just Like A Steaming Mug Of Hot Cocoa

There’s nothing quite like a mug of cocoa during the winter season, but a freshly baked batch of hot chocolate cookies might tie for first place. Even better — have the two team up to create the ultimate chocolate-y experience!

Whether you’re dunking this cookie into a mug of cocoa or just eating it on its own, this is sure to give you plenty of classic hot chocolate flavor — marshmallow and everything.

The recipe from Pillsbury involves breaking its chocolate chip cookie dough into pieces and combining it with cocoa powder, Nutella and a bit of cinnamon and chili powder to create the ultimate chocolate-packed flavor.


Once the dough forms, you roll it into flat individual cookies. Then cut a jumbo marshmallow in half and place it in the center before roll the dough into a ball.


As it bakes, it’ll flatten and reveal an ooey, gooey marshmallow center that’ll be perfectly melty when it comes out of the oven — just like you like ’em in your cup of cocoa!


Using the Pillsbury pre-made dough saves you from having it make any from scratch. But you can also make a homemade version of these cookies if you happen to have butter, chocolate chips, brown sugar, eggs and a few other ingredients stocked in your kitchen.

If that’s the case, you can follow along with this recipe from Preppy Kitchen, which walks you through how to create a homemade cookie. This recipe also suggests topping each cookie with an extra piece of a chocolate bar and a marshmallow:

Preppy Kitchen

For an even cuter take on cocoa cookies, you can make treats that not only taste similar to a mug full of cocoa, but actually look like one too. This recipe from Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons looks like it’d be a blast to create with the kids:

Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons

So now you’ve got an all-new way to enjoy hot chocolate all season long! Because, as we’re sure you know, you can never have enough cocoa!