These new hot cocoa bombs look just like ornaments

hot cocoa bomb ornaments
Trader Joe's

Hot chocolate bombs have been trending for the past few winters, and they don’t show any signs of falling out of fashion. Brands and individuals continue to come up with unique, eye-catching designs, from skull-shaped cocoa bombs for Halloween to pink, heart-shaped strawberries and cream cocoa bombs for Valentine’s Day to Baby Yoda hot chocolate bombs for any day of the year.

Now, Trader Joe’s has created some adorably realistic hot chocolate bombs that look like authentic ornaments, and they are available just in time for the holiday season. Each approximately 10 1/2-ounce package contains four large, spherical bulbs that look surprisingly like actual Christmas tree ornaments. But rather than adorning the tree with them, you dunk each of these baubles into a steaming mug of your choice of milk and wait for the magic to unfold.

Trader Joe's

The ornaments come in four colors — red, yellow, blue and green — each with a unique three-dimensional pattern reminiscent of vintage bulb ornaments. They are embellished with a glittery coating that is 100% edible.

Once they are submerged in the warm liquid, the sparkling milk chocolate shells will gradually melt away to display the delicious treasures they contain. The chocolate shell is accented with a bit of mint flavor, and the ornaments hold miniature marshmallows and chocolate chips. When the shells have completely melted, you can give the mug a good stir (perhaps with a candy cane for even more minty goodness) and enjoy a creamy, chocolatey, satisfyingly sweet cup of hot cocoa.

The hot cocoa ornaments are only available at Trader Joe’s retail locations, where you can grab a box for $6.99, according to Real Simple.

Trader Joe's

While you are there, be sure to check out some of the store’s other tantalizing, seasonal goodies, such as Jingle Jangle, a tin filled with chocolate-covered mini pretzels, caramel popcorn, broken Joe-Joe’s cookies and assorted candies; Maple Streusel Bread that is moist and sweet enough to be mistaken for cake; and a Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Gift Card Holder that would sweeten a gift of any amount.

Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers or a holiday treat for yourself, TJ’s might be a good place to start.

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