Hot Cocoa Oreos Could Be Coming To A Store Near You

Oreos are milk’s favorite cookies, so of course, it would make sense that as soon as the season switches and you trade in your tall glass of cold milk for something a little warmer. Hot cocoa, anyone?

And now, Nabisco is giving us something special to enjoy with our new beverage of choice, too. Well, maybe.

That’s right. If the online rumors are to be believed, in 2017 you will able to get a little extra taste of hot chocolate with every bite of Oreo cookie. Several sources are reporting that these limited-edition Oreos will be hitting store shelves very soon. Just in time to make your winter season all the more bearable.

According to The Junk Food Aisle Instagram account, which created this mockup of what the packaging may look like, the cookies will be stocked in grocery stores near you starting in 2017. There seems to be no official word from the brand just yet, but man oh man, do I hope this news is true!

According to Hello Giggles, “an Oreo rep wouldn’t offer up any deets on new flavors,” but that doesn’t have to stop your excitement. Dunkin’ Donuts did release an Oreo-flavored hot chocolate this year, so it would make sense to have hot chocolate-flavored Oreos to follow.

Since these are only fictional cookies for the moment, I can only imagine what they will taste like. They’ll likely have the same chocolate cookies we know and love, but it’s the marshmallow crème where you’ll find your extra dose of cocoa flavor. Because nothing goes better together than hot chocolate and marshmallows, after all.

If the marshmallow crème has a hot cocoa flavor like I suspect, then the cookies will be perfect for dunking into your piping hot mug or eating all on their own. Hey, even dip them in white chocolate and roll them in crushed up candy canes for an extra-festive treat.

Mmmm. Mmm. The possibilities are endless. And now that we’ve gone and gotten all excited for these cookies, I’m just ready for Nabisco to make them a reality. Fulfill my Christmas wish, would you please?

[h/t: Popsugar]