This Surprising Style Will Be The Hottest Haircut Of 2017

The hottest hairstyle of 2017 has arrived, according to InStyle. If you had planned to update your haircut or just take off some split ends, now is the perfect time.

On the heels of last year’s lob (long bob) comes this year’s update: the shag.

If it looks familiar, that’s because it is. This haircut was popular decades ago in the ’70s (although to be fair, it looked a lot fluffier back then). Mick Jagger may have made the cut famous, but his ‘do is nothing compared to the latest iteration.

mick jagger shag
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The cut’s been seen on stars like Chloë Grace Moretz (below),  Amber Heard, or even the perennially fashionable Taylor Swift.

This year’s take on the shag is a little longer than your collar bone, has face-framing layers and long, split bangs.

You can also rock the haircut with a full set of bangs (see TSwift, below) or no bangs at all, which is a much more low-maintenance pick for many. With updates on more retro styles currently en vogue when it comes to clothing, it’s no surprise a similarly ’70s haircut has come into play.

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“I think we’re seeing more and more of a late ’70s influence in fashion,” celebrity hairstylist Gregory Russell, who gave Moretz her retro-inspired cut, told InStyle. “Once your Lob gets too long, you can layer it into a shag and it’s the perfect length!”

This is good news for ladies who are looking to transition into the latest haircut—minimal effort for maximum style impact.

Russell says a shag works with all hair types and textures, but keeping your face shape in mind is crucial. If your face is narrow, Russell says to keep bangs wide and open so that your features aren’t hidden behind them. If your face is wider, he suggests keeping the bangs narrow to “create the illusion of a slimmer face.”

Fortunately, upkeep for the style is quite minimal. Russell recommends avoiding too much heat styling or “it will break your ends making you lose the structure of your cut.” A hair oil applied regularly can keep your ends hydrated and shiny instead of dull and split.

Now that you have all the style info, time to call that salon and get an appointment booked!