The Hottest Toys For Some Fun In The Sun This Summer

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Long summer days means even more time to play, and you’re going to want to find the perfect way to let your kids have all of the fun in the sun they can handle.

So, lather up with SPF and take the kids to the pool or to the backyard and let the water-filled festivities begin. From pool floats to baseball diamond-shaped slip ‘n slides, there’s no way the kids aren’t going to love splashing around with these.

Want to go to the park instead of the pool? That’s ok, too. There are some fun kites and chalk-drawing activities to keep the kids plenty entertained.

Try these toys to have even more fun with the kiddos this summer.

1. Unicorn Pool Float

This unicorn pool float honestly seems like the kind of thing both the kids and the adults could enjoy. Because really, who doesn’t love unicorns?


Pegasus Pool Float, $79.99, Amazon

2. Candy Pool Noodles

Noodle floats are a must when you take a trip to the pool, but who said you can’t do better than the boring Styrofoam ones, you know? This candy version is sure to be a real treat.


BigMouth Smarties Pool Float, $16.99, Amazon

3. Chalk Bikes

Riding bikes is already such a fun pastime, but when you can draw incredible designs everywhere you go, that makes it all the better. Put those helmets on and get to drawing!

Screen shot 2016-06-08 at 11.58.22 PM
Uncommon Goods

Bike Chalk Trail Kit, $27, Uncommon Goods

4. Baby Float

This shaded float will be the best thing to keep your baby cool while lounging in the pool.


Baby Spring Float & Sun Canopy, $19.94, Amazon

5. Emoji Beach Balls

Bring those emojis to life and have some fun tossing a winky face around on the beach this summer, why don’t you?


Emoji Beach Balls, $11.90, Amazon

6. Rainbow Pool Set

Don’t have a pool you can go to? That’s ok because you can easily set up a fun place for the kids to play right in your own backyard.


Intex Rainbow Inflatable Pool Set, $43.98, Amazon

7. Crazy Sprinkler Attachment

Running around in a sprinkler was one of the best parts of growing up, if you ask me. And this crazy attachment makes will make it even better.


SW Express Geyser Blast Sprinkler, $18.39, Amazon

8. Sea Creature Kite

Whether you’re at the beach or just want to feel a little closer to the sea, this octopus kite will be the perfect way to play in the summer breeze.


Hengda Kite, $9.99, Amazon

9. Baseball Water Slide

Take the kids out to the ball game, so to speak with this baseball diamond-shaped water slide.

Banzai Grand Slam Water Slide, $35, Amazon

10. Dinosaur Play Center

This is like a jungle gym and a pool all-in-one so there’s no way this isn’t going to provide some summertime joy for all of the kids in your neighborhood.


Intex Dinosaur Play Center, $44.99, Amazon

Get to shopping because your children have got a lot of playing to do!