The Internet Is Making Fun Of ‘House Hunters’ Buyers And Budgets

Do you think the buyers on "House Hunters" have unrealistic expectations?

Are you a HGTV fan? If so, then you probably enjoy “House Hunters,” a program that helped to put HGTV on the map.

The premise of “House Hunters” is simple. Homebuyers meet with real estate agents and give them a wish list for their dream home. From quartz countertops to a big backyard to soft-close cabinets, the list is often quite long and specific.

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‘House Hunters’ Get Three Choices

After that, the agent takes them to three possible homes or apartments for a viewing. At the end of the show, the house hunters pick their favorite and move in.

It’s a simple, yet addicting show concept. And the most entertaining part is generally watching the real-estate agent politely try to make the house hunters realize that they have champagne tastes on a beer budget.

Twitter has caught on to the fact that “House Hunters” always seems to follow the same theme. The house hunters come onto the show with huge dreams, even though their salaries often don’t match those lofty goals. So Twitter is calling out the high expectations of these unrealistic home buyers in the funniest way:

Yep. It’s kind of a mystery how these people can afford such swanky homes when their job descriptions always seem a little…wacky. Did they win the lottery or something?

Too funny!

And not only are the home buyers always looking for excessively expensive homes, but they also always seem to get hung up on the tiniest details.

Sigh. The real estate agent always has to gently point out that paint exists, and it’s a relatively cheap fix.

And then they have the most bizarrely specific things that they “need” in their new home. For example, doesn’t everyone need a room just for gift-wrapping!?

It’s nuts. But that is what makes it so funny and entertaining to watch! So, what’s your biggest pet peeve about “House Hunters”?

h/t: The Huffington Post