The House From ‘The Money Pit’ Is For Sale

The home from the 1986 classic movie “The Money Pit” is currently on the market. Yep, you can actually buy the mansion featured in the screwball comedy starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, a young couple who attempt to restore a dilapidated estate.

In the film, everything that could go wrong does, including a clogged plumbing system, a collapsed staircase and a raccoon living in the dumbwaiter.

The couple purchases the home in the movie for $200,000. Today, the sprawling 14,000-square-foot house is listed at a cool $5.9 million. The stately mansion is located in Locust Valley, New York, and boasts 23 rooms (including eight bedrooms and 10 bathrooms), eight fireplaces, a swimming pool and a brick veranda.

The listing says the home has been “restored to modern turnkey eminence,” featuring ebony wood floors throughout, modern, high-end appliances and stunning landscaping. You’ll probably recognize the exterior from the movie:


And here’s a shot of the well-appointed interior:


Here is the impressive master suite:


Take a look at the beautiful in-ground pool:


Although it looks gorgeous, the luxurious-seeming home may be hiding some problems, just like in the film. Known as Northway, the house has been sitting on the market for 1,189 days. Hmm.

It was last on the market in 2014, when it was going for about double its current asking price—$12.5 million. The owners, who had bought the house in 2002, spent $10 million on renovations, adding features such as a new pool house and palatial white gates at the home’s entrance. At the time, the sellers were optimistic about turning a profit.

“It will be the anti-money pit,” real estate agent Shawn Elliot told Zillow at the time.

Now, just three short years later, the price has been slashed in half. We can only speculate on the reason—but if you decide to invest in this famous property, you might be taking on more than you bargained for. Just saying.