How A Plus-Size Blogger Overhauled Her Life And Redefined ‘fitspiration’

Sarah Sapora wants people to stop focusing on the scale, and start showing up for life.

They say that inspiration is where you find it. Some turn to teachers, gurus or celebrities. Others look to art or nature.

Sarah Sapora found motivation from her parents and inspiration within herself.

Wake-Up Call

In 2015, both of her parents were hospitalized. Between worrying about their conditions and trying to be there for her mother and father, she was faced with the reality of her own health issues.

“At that moment, the reality of my own health became a very real thing,” Sapora told Women’s Health. “I was unable to walk a single city block to get to my mom’s hospital bed without stopping in pain; I knew I had to do something.”

At age 37, Sapora decided it was time to start her journey towards fitness, healthy living, enjoying her life and loving herself.

“I have been so heavy in by body that it hurt just to exist,” she says in the video below. “I have been so weighed down in my heart that I couldn’t see how I was killing myself.”

Sharing Her Progress

Two years later, she is stronger, healthier and happier. She has shed many pounds, but prefers to focus on non-weight-related progress she continues to make. She shared this sentiment in her recent Instagram video, posting, “Let’s talk about PROGRESS. Less focus on the scale. More focus on feelings and behaviors and how you show up for your life.”

Fitspiration From The Inside Out

Along with improving her own life, Sapora has made it her life’s work to encourage other women to become the best versions of themselves, no matter what size they may be. Her fitness and fashion posts on Instagram (where she has more than 120k followers) motivate women of all shapes and sizes. She provides mentoring, coaching and hosts size-inclusive wellness workshops for women, as well.

“Whatever it is. Do it. Show up. This is the message,” said Sapora in a moving Instagram post. “At any age, any weight, any point in our life, we can show up for ourselves. We are worthy. We. Are. Worthy.”


Every day you have a choice. And it’s totally up to you. You can “show up” for yourself, or sit back… both are valid, but only one choice really moves your forward. What would make YOU happier? Do that. Even if its scary. Even if its messy or hard. Take the risk. Put it all on Faith and bet on yourself. How can you show up? Is it leaving work early enough to spend time with your kids? Or cutting off a personal relationship you’re using to fill the empty place… Is it moving your body or dragging yourself to the grocery store so you can load that fridge with food that nourishes you? Is it having sex with the lights on and allowing your loving partner to see your body as it is? Whatever it is. Do it. Show up. This is message. At any age, any weight, any point in our life, we can show up for ourselves. We are worthy. We. Are. Worthy. 💙✌ #FindYourGreater . . . #selflove #selfcare #inspiration #motivation

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