Chrissy Teigen’s Toddler Is A Picky Eater So She Made An Actual Menu For Her

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There are many things Chrissy Teigen isn’t shy about, and chief among them is her love for food. When she’s not showing off delicious meals on her Instagram, she’s managing to get scalloped potatoes through TSA or writing her own cookbook.

Her daughter, Luna, however, doesn’t exactly share this enthusiasm for food, and Teigen often struggles to get her picky toddler to eat. She even took to Twitter to admit that she’s “owned” by her daughter in the dinner department.

“I always came from the mindset of ‘eat what we serve or go to bed hungry’ but I’m officially owned by my toddler,” the mom wrote. “[S]truggling to make a dinner Luna likes aside from spaghetti and fish sticks.”

The adorable 2-year-old Luna may not have taken after her mom with a love for food (at least not yet), but Teigen’s devised a way to make mealtime more fun for her daughter (and more bearable for her, too) by making Luna her very own menu.

As you can see on the mom’s Instagram post, Luna can now flip through a “menu” of items she likes to eat and choose what she’s having for lunch or dinner that day.

And because Teigen made this herself, the meals are already mom-approved.

Teigen went so far as to include prices on each page, and when she was asked about this decision on Twitter, she pointed out that if Luna pays for her food — with fake money, of course — she may be more likely to actually eat it. This way, it feels like a game of “restaurant” as opposed to a miserable task for a toddler.

The mom joked on Instagram that “buying a laminator is the best thing to have ever happened to [her],” but it may actually be the greatest thing to have happened to parents everywhere because this is a genius plan for getting a picky eater to enjoy mealtime.

Teigen included everything from cheese quesadillas to crispy fish sticks on the menu, so little Luna has quite a variety to choose from. The photography is enough to make even an adult’s mouth water, but don’t worry — Teigen has already published books full of delicious recipes for the adults to thumb through!

Parents, would your picky eater enjoy a little menu of their own?