Here’s How To Clear That Snow Mound At The End Of Your Driveway

You’ve shoveled the snow from your driveway and cleared it away from your sidewalk. High five if you went above and beyond and took care of your neighbors’ section of the sidewalk too. Then, just when you thought you were off “snow-removing” duties, the city’s snow plows come through, pushing the snow from the street to a big bank at the end of your drive. (Thanks a lot, guys.)

It’s snow problem at all, though. We’ve got some great tips for clearing away that mound at the bottom of your drive—and we promise you won’t be calling your chiropractor when you’re done.

  • Before you get to work shoveling, check the weather reports. If the temps are going up, the sun hits your side of the street and you don’t have to drive, you can wait for Mother Nature to take care of the accumulated snow, melting it away. But remember, melting snow can be heavy because it’s so water-logged (Read: Your snow-plowing chore might give you a backache).
  • If you need to get rid of that miniature mountain of snow ASAP, assess what kind of snow you’re working with. If it’s soft powder, your snow blower will whisk it away, according to tips from Consumer Reports. But, if you’re faced with icy chunks of snow, you’ll want to use the shovel to break up your snow mound into smaller chunks because battery-powered and single-stage gas snow blowers have a hard time churning through it.
  • Another technique that’s piquing our interest? This wheeled device dubbed the Snow Wolf is marketed as a snow-removal product that can relieve the stress on your back since it bears the weight of the snow. Popular Mechanics says it’s like a man-powered snow blower.

Snow Wolf

  • If you do find that your back aches after you’re done shoveling, change up your snowplowing tactics. If you’re dealing with heavy, deep snow, try shoveling in layers. Or, Men’s Health suggests pushing the snow instead of shoveling it, and if it’s too deep, then imitate a wall squat so you’re not putting all that pressure on your back.

Final step? Get back inside and enjoy a hot cup of coffee. You earned it.