How to dye your Easter eggs with tissue paper

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Easter is almost here and if you’re on the hunt for new ways to dye Easter eggs this year, then we’ve got a great idea to try with the family — and it involve tissue paper.

In previous years, we have shared how to make your holiday sparkle with glitter Easter Eggs and how to create tie-dye Easter eggs. But if you have little ones at home, glitter or colored dyes might cause a bit of panic.

That’s where these Easter eggs dyed with colored tissue paper can come in to save the day (and your sanity). The end result is a basket full of vibrant, multicolored Easter eggs — without dyes splashed on the floor or glitter covering every surface of your dining room.

The Crafty Blog Stalker

According to Katie, the author of The Crafty Blog Stalker page, the secret to these colorful eggs is a special tissue paper called bleeding tissue paper. When this tissue paper gets wet, the paper’s color “bleeds” onto the surface it touches.

Besides the bleeding tissue paper, you’ll need scissors, water, a spray bottle, disposable gloves and a bunch of hard-boiled eggs.

Even though you won’t be mixing up dye to color the eggs, disposable gloves are necessary because the tissue paper ink could stain your skin. So, keep an eye on the little ones when they are rubbing the wet paper onto the eggs.

The Crafty Blog Stalker

Katie outlines each step of the egg-decorating process on her craft page. Her easy-to-follow instructions allow even young kids to help with coloring Easter eggs. Whether they are using safety scissors to cut the strips of tissue paper or helping to peel off the paper after it’s dried, your kids will feel like they are included in every step of the process.

And in the end, they can proudly show off the eggs-celent Easter art they created!