Here’s how to get Girl Scout cookies even if you don’t know a Girl Scout

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If you’ve finally run out of those sleeves of Thin Mints you keep in the freezer—today’s your lucky day because Girl Scout cookie season is back underway! The beloved treats are on sale again so that pretty much means it’s Christmas in January. In case you’re not in the know, here’s how to get your hands on some Tagalongs, Savannah Smiles, Samoas or whichever variety looks best to you (hint: they’re all awesome).

You do have to buy the cookies through an actual Girl Scout, but even if you don’t personally know someone who’s got the hookup, you can still get in on the action.

For starters, you can type in your zip code and use the Cookie Finder on the Girl Scouts website to see where Girl Scouts are selling cookies near you. You can also download the official Girl Scout Cookie Finder app to keep an eye on where you can find your favorites. The app is free and can be used with iOS or Android devices.


You can even find boxes of the cookies online at Amazon. Prices start at $12.49 for one box.

This year marks the 101st that the cookies sales have taken place. To make 2018 even more special, the Girl Scouts will be bringing back its S’mores cookies.

There are two versions of the classic campfire treat. One has marshmallow creme and chocolate sandwiched between two graham cracker-like cookies.

Girl Scouts

The other features a graham cracker and marshmallow filling dipped in chocolate. If you ask me, there’s no going wrong with either version!

Girl Scouts

To see the full lineup of 2018 cookie offerings, visit the Girl Scouts website.

The official cookie season lasts through March 25, so make sure you’ve found someone selling cookies between now and then to stock up on enough sweet treats to get you through 2018. We’ve got a long year ahead of us!


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