How ‘house Floats’ Became A New Mardi Gras Tradition

Outdoor decorations are part of a new Big Easy tradition.

“I feel like this is a great tradition that came out of a crazy time,” resident Maurice Sholas said.

When COVID forced New Orleans to cancel Mardi Gras in 2021, New Orleans resident Megan Boudreaux took to Twitter to vent.

“Parades have been canceled, you know, OK, no big deal. I’ll just decorate my flat — my house — to look like a float, and I’ll throw beads at my neighbors when they walk by my house,” she said.

She found herself at the helm of a new Mardi Gras tradition — the house float.

Quick history lesson: New Orleans residents always decorate for carnival season. They use items like Mardi Gras beads, banners and even Christmas tree lights to decorate their homes. Sometimes they even use Christmas trees. But never like this.

“I do a tribute to my favorite parts of Mardi Gras and the Mardi Gras Indians,” Sholas said. “Last year, the subject, Chief Montana, came and stood outside of my home and sang.”

“It was really fun to be able to be … on the ground floor of something that we felt like was going to become a tradition,” resident Andrew Greaves said.

A year later, eager homeowners still participate. The show is rolling on New Orleans streets again. But this year — and for years to come — there will be a new way to help celebrate.

By Tammy Estwick and Stephanie Sandoval, Newsy.

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