15 things grandparents know to be true


For many people, when your first grandchild is born, you experience a sort of rebirth as well. You become a grandparent: wise, experienced and full of love for this tiny new piece of you.

Whether you are a hands-on grandparent involved in your grandchildren’s daily lives or you live miles away and only get to spend time with them on special visits, you are now the member of an elite and wonderful group.

There are myriad magical things that happen when you become a grandmother or grandfather. If you belong to this exclusive club, then you are aware of these delightful truths. If you are about to become a grandparent, here are some of the marvelous phenomena you will soon experience.

1. A New Name

You have been called many things throughout your life, but now you get a brand-new moniker. Perhaps you picked out the name you want your grandchildren to call you before you were born or maybe your first grandbaby christened you. No matter what that new name is, nothing sounds sweeter than hearing it in your grandchild’s voice.


2. Breaking The Rules

You may have been a strict parent and you might be a stickler for toeing the line in all other areas of your life. When it comes to your grands, though, rules are made to be broken. Dessert before dinner? Negotiable bedtimes? Leaving toys on the floor? Check, check and check.


3. Finding The Fountain Of Youth

Having a stark awareness of how quickly children grow up compels you to enjoy every moment of your grandbaby’s childhood. You may find yourself flying kites, building with Lego blocks or riding bikes again—and loving it.

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4. Telling Tales

You suddenly find yourself with a fresh and receptive audience for those stories from your past. While your own child may say, “I remember; you’ve told me that one 100 times,” your grands will listen to tales of your younger years with rapt attention.

5. Self-Indulgence

While spoiling  your grandchildren, you will likely spoil yourself a little, too. You may discover the value of relaxing in a hammock on a summer day, baking cookies for no reason or putting off chores to splash in the swimming pool.


6. Pride Without Pressure

When you were raising your children, you carried the weight of bringing them up to be good, responsible adults. With grandkids, the pressure is off. You get to simply brag about and enjoy them.

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7. Celebrity Status

When was the last time someone cheered when you walked into a room? Grandchildren who are always thrilled by your presence can make you feel like a superstar.


8. Parenting Do-Overs

You made mistakes raising your kids because, well, you’re human. While you cannot change the past, grandchildren let you put that old 20/20 hindsight into action.


9. Bonding With Your Baby

No matter how old your grown child is, he or she is still your baby. You can use the common ground you share as parents to further strengthen your relationship by becoming your child’s confidante and cheerleader.

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10. Health Boosters

Being a grandparent can help you fight depression, ward off dementia, become more physically active and regain an overall passion about your life.


11. Renewing Spirituality

Having a grandchild may awaken the realization that, someday, you will only be a memory to those you love. This awareness can prompt you to reconnect to or reinforce your beliefs and work towards leaving a spiritual legacy (or any type of legacy that calls to you) for your descendants.


12. Putting Priorities in Place

The small stuff you fretted over when your own kids were little seems so insignificant now. You’ll find yourself unconcerned with things like spilled cups, broken knickknacks or crayons on the kitchen table.

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13. Living In The Now

Every moment you get to spend with your grands is one to cherish. This fact teaches you to be mindful, present and attentive, which can spill over to other areas of your life, as well.


14. New Knowledge

Spending time with your grandbabies will introduce you to things you didn’t know that you didn’t know. You will quickly become an expert in topics such as Peppa Pig, dinosaurs and Minecraft.


15. Rediscover True Love

The affection that you feel for your grandchildren is unparalleled. Perhaps it is due to the wisdom you have gained that life is short and childhood is fleeting. Maybe it is the fact that you get to enjoy them and send them home. It might be because you appreciate another chance at the things you missed or messed up on when your own child was small.

Whatever the reason, the love of a grandparent for a grandchild is one of the most encompassing, authentic and pure loves you will ever experience. It may even make you a better person. For what more could you ask?

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