Making Your Own Backless Bra Is Much Easier Than You Might Expect

How many times have you found a dress you adore, only to turn it around and see an open back? Of course, you don’t have the right bra for it, so you sigh and hang it back on the rack.

Or, maybe you purchase the dress, thinking you will soon buy the right bra for it—but months later the dress is still in the closet with the tags on. There are even a few of us who have gone ahead and sported that dress without the proper undergarments (eek!).

Well, no more, ladies. We will no longer be forced to pass up a stunning dress because it has a plunging back. Grab a needle and thread and watch this tutorial a few times to learn how to turn your regular bra into a backless wonder!

[youtube id=”IpOgmHKzmS0″]

[h/t: Tip Hero]