Backyard Bar Sheds Are The Cool New Way To Convert Your Dusty Old Garden Shed

This may be the ultimate hang-out spot.

If you’re hoping to clear out some clutter from your garage, like, say, that old dart board that never gets used or that broken garden hose you can’t seem to part with, this could be just the way to do it.

Finding new and inventive ways to convert garages, sheds and backyard space (we’re looking at you “she sheds” and granny pods!) may be the best trend of the century, as this tweet from London-based realtor Michael Graham points out, and this latest shed upgrade trend is no exception:

Enter: the bar shed. An entirely new way to enjoy the great outdoors. Sheds are great for storage, obviously, but I’m not talking about garden hoses and wheelbarrows, here. Oh no. I’m talking, beer glasses, dart boards (in use, not collecting dust), that old tennis trophy. Yeah, you know the one.

Turning your backyard into the neighborhood watering hole can be easier than you might imagine, too. You don’t have to have beer on tap, although you could if you wanted to.

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All you really need is a shelf to store your booze, some coasters and—if you’re handy—make sure to install a cool bar top and add some bar stools.

Installing a bar top could be an easy weekend project, and it’ll take your shed-drinking to a whole other level. Add some lighting and there you go. Though plenty of people take their bar sheds even farther, as Instagrammer @njmundyesq shows in his post:

Now granted, the concept of an at-home bar isn’t new, and some folks have been drinking in their backyard pub sheds for years (like this guy who gives us serious shed goals). Pinterest has a board full of bar shed ideas. Still, it’s a trend that’s gaining steam because, really, who wouldn’t want to kick their clutter to the curb for the chance to create an at-home outdoor drinking establishment?

[h/t: Wide Open Country]