There’s A Simple Way To Make Your Boxed Cake Mix Taste So Much Better

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Do you ever feel guilty buying boxed cake mix? It’s silly, but it can sometimes feel like cheating if you don’t make your baked goods from scratch.

But here’s the good news. It’s actually really easy to make boxed cake taste as good as homemade. You just have to know this simple trick.

Butter Makes Boxed Cake Better

Country Living food editor Joanna Salt shared this insider trick that will easily elevate your boxed cake. All you have to do is replace the oil in the batter with… melted butter. Yep. That’s it.

Now you don’t use EXACTLY the same amount of melted butter, but just nearly. Here is a helpful guide that Saltz shared:

1/4 cup oil = 1/3 cup melted butter

1/2 cup oil = 2/3 cup melted butter

3/4 cup oil = 1 cup melted butter

1 cup oil = 1 1/4 cup melted butter

Pretty simple, right? According to Saltz, the oil/butter swap makes the cake taste much more flavorful and makes the texture much lighter.


Still looking for other ways to elevate your boxed cake mix? Here are some other good ideas:

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1. Add One More Egg

Adding another egg will make the cake more moist and have a richer taste. You can even add two eggs if you are feeling extra decadent.

2. Use Milk (Or Coffee!?) Instead Of Water

Swap out the water for milk in the recipe. The higher the fat content of the milk, the better. Or you can replace the water with brewed coffee. No, really! This would be an excellent choice if you are making a chocolate cake, but it can also work with yellow cake.

coffee-1526211_1280 boxed cake

3. Add Up To 2 Tablespoons Of Vanilla

Vanilla makes baked goods taste like they came straight from an expensive bakery. Simply adding splash of it can bring your cake to a new, delicious level.

Vanilla extract photo
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4. Add 2 Tablespoons Of Mayonnaise

Yep, I know this sounds crazy. However, this sneaky hack will make your cake mix incredibly moist and flavorful. Also, you can use sour cream in place of the mayo if you prefer.

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Do you have any kitchen tricks you use to make boxed cake taste even better?

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