5 ways to make your kid’s birthday special when you can’t have a party

Your child’s birthday is always special, and you want to help them have the most memorable day possible. But with everyone practicing social distancing and staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, a traditional kids‘ birthday party is out of the question.

However, many creative parents, friends and neighbors have found ways to celebrate children’s special days virtually or while practicing safe social distancing. These examples could inspire you to plan a fantastic birthday bash, despite the COVID-19 restrictions.

Party In A Box

Shayna Gehl’s sister delivered a surprise party to Gehl’s children, who have birthdays in April. The kids’ innovative aunt thought of everything.

“What ensued from opening the box was a bit surreal,” Gehl wrote on this Instagram post. “She literally sent us everything we needed for a party all the way down to the cake! Handmade birthday cards, gifts and party favors, balloons, homemade confetti, and even the cake (in the form of twinkies!) how creative!”

But did the kiddos enjoy it?

“The kids kept screaming: THIS IS THE BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER,” Gehl reported. “And I have to say I agreed. I will never throw a party that easily again!!”


Drive-By Birthday Wishes

Similar to the new trend of teachers driving by their students’ houses to boost morale or give a quick lesson, many children are enjoying mini-parades in honor of their birthdays. Maria Christina shared this video of her daughter Addison’s 10th birthday celebration.

Chalk It Up To A Special Day

Folks stuck at home are connecting with their neighbors (at a safe distance) using chalk art. A surprise “chalking” is a unique way to help kids feel important and remembered on their birthdays. Harper Moore posted a pic of a special message made to surprise Peyton, who turned 13.

“Happy 13th Birthday Peyton!!! We had fun chalking your driveway last night,” she wrote.


Virtual Birthday Party

Under ordinary circumstances, entertainment centers like Main Event are terrific venues for kids’ birthday parties. Since you can’t currently take your children there, Main Event is coming to them instead. Main Event is hosting virtual birthday parties on Instagram Live. Every day at 2 p.m. Central, they stream a birthday singalong. Parents can DM @mymainevent with information on their kiddos’ upcoming birthdays for a chance at a shoutout or to be featured in a live stream. Surprise celebrity guess sometimes hop on, such as “The Lion King” star JD McCrary, “Dwight in Shining Armor” actress Caitlin Carmichael, “So You Think You Can Dance” runner up Cyrus Spencer and Nickelodeon’s Kyla-Drew, with more celebrities expected in the coming weeks.


Just Do Your Best

These are crazy times, unlike any most of us have lived through. But kids are resilient, forgiving and some of the best teachers parents could have. Mom Lindsey Newman posted a picture of a cake she baked along with some ups and downs of parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“My 7 year old daughter recently had her birthday and we did all we could to make it special from home,” she wrote. “And even though I was emotional about all we couldn’t do as normal, you know what? It WAS special! And she didn’t complain once. Even though I know she misses her friends and wanted to go to the bounce house or the park- she didn’t say one single thing negative about her ‘best birthday ever.’ Kids are the best!”

We couldn’t agree more.