How To Make Perfect Fried Pickles In Your Air Fryer

The air fryer has been a savior in the kitchen for people who love the taste and texture of fried foods but are trying to stay away from fattening oils. You can air fry almost anything, from traditional fried foods like wings to something a little more sweet, like fried Oreos.

Fried pickles are a popular appetizer and snack in restaurants. If you can’t get enough of them, but don’t love all the fat they add to your diet, then we found the perfect recipe to let you indulge in this treat with less guilt in your own home. You can make delicious pickle chips right in the air fryer and save on the fat and the calories.

Cindy Gordon of Vegetarian Mamma shared this foolproof recipe for air-fried pickles that also happen to be gluten-free.

Vegetarian Mamma

What’s even more unbelievable about this recipe is that it only has four ingredients. All you need are your favorite pickles, an egg, maple syrup and gluten-free panko crumbs. That’s it!

Preparing the pickles for frying is as easy as draining the pickles and then drying them as much as possible with paper towels. Moisture is the enemy of creating the perfect fryer coating, so you want to take the time to dry the pickles as much as you can.

You will eventually place the pickles in a mixture of egg and maple syrup. Once you’ve coated the pickles with the base and then the crumbs, they go into the air fryer for less than 10 minutes. You’ll want to get all of the details on how to prepare the pickle coating for the fryer to make these perfectly crispy from Gordon’s full step-by-step recipe.

Vegetarian Mamma

After that, all you need to do is get out a bottle of your favorite ranch dressing or maybe whip up a batch of yummy dip to get the fried pickle party started!