3 Tips To Make Perfect, Easy-To-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

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Hard-boiled eggs can be a perfectly packaged snack or meal. They’re healthy, easy to make and you can cook a whole batch of them at once. But nothing derails the ease of this quick, inexpensive source of protein like spending 10 minutes trying to get the shell off your boiled egg.

Besides taking a frustrating amount of time, it’s pretty disheartening to watch pieces of your egg come off with the shell. Not only does it feel like a waste of food, but it doesn’t exactly look pretty either.


If you spend way to much time peeling your hard-boiled eggs, try these tips:

1. Start With Hot Water

Many people like to add their eggs to the water when it’s cold and bring both to a boil together, but starting with hot water can actually help with the peeling process later. Bring water to a boil, carefully add your eggs using something like a wire basket (so they don’t hit the bottom and crack), and then reduce water to a simmer. Cook for 13 minutes.

Flickr | Windell Oskay

2. Drop Them Into Ice

After your eggs have finished cooking, drop them into an ice bath to cool for five minutes.

The ice water makes the eggs easier to peel because the eggshells are porous, so the moisture from the water that seeps in prevents the membrane from clinging to the egg white. Tap against the counter, and a large chunk of the shell should come right off. If not…

Flickr | Andrea Nguyen

3. Drop It Into A Cup

Fill a glass or jar with 1/2 inch of water. If you have a lid, screw it on. Turn the cup to the side (if you don’t have a lid, cover the open part with your hand), and shake so that the egg hits the side of the glass. The eggshell will begin cracking and eventually it will slip off.


Do you have any tried-and-true tips for cooking hard-boiled eggs? Share them in the comments!

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Cutting Back On Dairy? Try Using Grated Eggs Instead Of Cheese

Eggs are nature’s perfect food. Low in fat, rich in protein and full of flavor, they are ideal for any meal, any time of day. Hard-boiled, poached, scrambled, fried. You can’t go wrong.

So you think you’ve already tried eggs in every delectable form? Well, if you’ve never tried grated eggs, then you’ve been missing a deliciously genius trick that you will kick yourself for not knowing sooner. All you need is a hard-boiled egg and a grater—box grater, hand grater or even a Microplane.


According to Extra Crispy, grated eggs are pretty much the smartest kitchen trick you have probably never heard of, and we couldn’t agree more. The reason this preparation is so genius? It looks just like cheese, and therefore makes your brain think you’re eating cheese, wonderful cheese.

Here are four ideas for ways to eat grated eggs.