How to make your own pickle-infused vodka


Every home cocktail enthusiast hits the doldrums once in a while — sick of rickeys, bored of Boulevardiers, maxed out on Manhattans.

If this describes your mindset during these long months of home bartending, consider mixing things up with liquor infusions. And this one’s got a briny kick that’ll bring a new twist to your faves: Pickle-infused vodka.

This recipe, from Rhubarbarians, isn’t just mixing pickle brine with vodka. Instead, it uses the ingredients for a proper dill pickle to fuse flavor with plain old vodka.


It all starts with cucumber, of course, in a good-sized, very clean jar. Rhubarbarians recommends using a 32-ounce Mason jar.

Then it’s time for fresh dill and spices. A clove of garlic is also suggested, though it’s optional if you’ve got sensitive tastebuds to work around.

Once the ingredients are packed in the jar, bust out the vodka. Rhubarbarians estimates you’ll use about 600 milliliters to fill the jar, so make sure you’ve got enough on hand. The flavoring ingredients need to be totally submerged.

Then, screw the top on the jar — and wait.


It’s going to take about a week for the vodka to get nice and infused with pickly goodness. The jar should live in a cool, dark place during that week, and get shaken up once a day.

After days of waiting (and just a few more simple steps), it’s time to drink! What to make? How about a sock-you-in-the-kisser bloody mary? Pickle martinis and dill-pickle gelatin shots are possibilities, too. If you love pickles, this is could be a new go-to vodka for cocktail experiments.


Of course, you can just buy pickle-flavored vodka, too. But where’s the fun in that? Plus, when you make your own, you can tailor the recipe to precisely to your taste.

Check out Rhubarbarians full recipe to nail the flavors and pick up a few tips from Trish, the recipe’s creator.

And if pickles aren’t your thing, there are other ways to make custom-flavored vodka at home, too.



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