How to make a quesadilla in your toaster


TikTok just keeps giving the world gifts with its endless stream of video content. Sure, most of us enjoy scrolling TikTok videos for a good laugh, adorable pets and DIY projects like how to build a bed frame with Ikea bookshelves.

However, for some, TikTok’s true treasures are in the countless videos some call Foodie TikTok. Remember the viral baked feta pasta video from earlier this year? Or the more recent snack sensation, Snickers pickles? Snickers pickles were a bit controversial, but this latest viral TikTok might be the perfect snack for everyone — a “toaster-dilla.” After all, who doesn’t love a cheesy quesadilla?


How do quesadillas — already simple dish — get the TikTok cooking hack treatment? Cody Davidson (@viking_davidson on TikTok) posted a video showing this even easier way to get a cheese quesadilla on your plate in less than 10 minutes. He uses just two ingredients and a pop-up toaster. That’s right, no air fryer or toaster oven. Davidson just pops a tortilla and cheese right into an ordinary toaster.

You can see it here, but note: The video has a little bit of colorful language, so you might want to put in some earbuds while catching this cook’s tips if you’re at work or the kids are around.

@viking_davidson♬ original sound – Cody Davidson

It looks pretty cool, but does it work? Can a typical toaster handle gooey cheese without having a total meltdown? I decided to give the toaster-dilla a try.

My ingredients varied slightly from the original. I used a high-fiber taco-sized tortilla wrap and two slices of provolone cheese. The cheese stuck out a little more than Davidson’s when I folded it the way he instructed. Still, the folding went well, and my mid-morning snack was ready to go into the toaster.

Simplemost/Marie Rossiter

I followed Davidson’s instructions: turned my toaster level to 3 and placed the folded quesadilla into the slot, cheese side out first. This was the point where I thought the mess would happen as the cheese started to melt. So, I kept a close eye on it and stopped toasting a little early to turn it.

As the second toaster cycle progressed, I could see the cheese bubbling, but everything remained inside the tortilla! No leakage and no mess.

How did it turn out? I think if I left it inside the toaster a little longer, it would have browned a bit more. But, I admit, I felt nervous about the cheese inside the toaster, so I may have not given it enough time.

Simplemost/Marie Rossiter

The provolone cheese was gooey and stretchy like a good quesadilla should be. Plus, it’s not greasy, and you don’t have to dirty any pans, turn on the oven or get out the air fryer.

Next time I might add some spices to it to liven it up, but this TikTok food hack actually does work!

What do you think of the toaster-dilla TikTok hack? Will you give it a try for a quick snack or meal?

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