Here’s How Many Minutes Of Walking It’ll Take To Burn Off That Halloween Candy

After making the rounds at neighbors’ houses, you’re probably looking at that mound of candy and thinking, “Now, how much exercise is this going to require?” Well, here’s the breakdown.

For a 150-pound woman, we researched how many minutes of walking it will take to work off a piece of candy. That way, you can plan out how long you plan to walk based on how many pieces fun size Snickers you happen to consume.

Depending on how many calories your sweet of choice has, the exercise portion really won’t be so bad. For example, an Almond Joy has 80 calories. So, if you walk for 30 minutes, even at a slow-ish pace, you’ll have burned that and then some!

If your sweet tooth is kicking in right about now— not to worry! Lace up those shoes and get to walking—be it with your kids, your dog or to the store.

According to VeryWell’s walking calculator and Calorie King’s calorie estimations, here’s how far a 150-pound woman would have to walk, at a moderate pace, to burn each type of candy bar off:

  • Almond Joy: 80 calories, 25 minutes of walking
  • Kit Kat: 70 calories,  20 minutes of walking
  • Milky Way: 80 calories, 25 minutes of walking
  • M&Ms: 73 calories, 22 minutes of walking
  • Milk Duds: 40 calories, 15 minutes of walking
  • Mr. Goodbar: 90 calories, 28 minutes of walking
  • Reese’s: 110 calories, 30 minutes of walking
  • Skittles: 80 calories, 25 minutes of walking
  • Snickers: 80 calories, 25 minutes of walking
  • Whoppers: 90 calories, 28 minutes of walking

All calculations are based on fun-size candy bars and candy packets.

[h/t: PopSugar]