How much pizza could you get for $1 around the world?

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While traveling internationally can be exciting, sometimes you just start to miss home. But finding good comfort food while abroad can definitely make the trip a bit easier. While there’s a McDonald’s just about everywhere, there’s also another comforting meal you can find all over the world — pizza.

But how different is pizza in, say, New Zealand? Or how about Egypt? Climadoor took a look at not only what favorite pizzas are like around the world, but also how much it will cost you to get a slice. Specifically, they calculated how much pizza you can get for just $1.

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While $1 will only buy you 0.6 slices in the United States, you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck in New Zealand, where you can get 2.3 slices for the same price. One dollar in United States currency translates to $1.53 there, so 2.3 slices is a pretty good deal! While there, check out their favorite slice, the “apricot chicken” pizza. You can even order one right from Domino’s. Their version comes with chicken, red onion, capsicum (what we call red or green peppers) and mozzarella, all topped with apricot sauce.

The next best place to grab some pie is Egypt, where you’ll get 2.1 slices for $1, or 17.89 pounds in Egyptian currency. Seafood pizza is the popular choice in Egypt, and you’ll find a variety of them at Papa John’s. From tuna to shrimp and calamari, if you like your pizza a little “fishy,” Egypt is the place to go.

Not too far behind New Zealand and Egypt, you’ll get 1.6 slices in Indonesia and Poland, 1.4 in South Africa, 1.3 slices in Australia and one slice in Kazakhstan and Romania. What goes on a pizza in Romania? They like it with chili con carne, which is chili with meat.

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Now for the worst place to spend your dollar on pizza. Coming in last on the list is Finland, where you’ll only get 0.3 slices for $1. Not far behind at 0.4 slices is Hong Kong, Sweden, Malta, Korea, Japan and the U.K. Yup, even the royal family’s pizza costs more than ours.


If you prefer to stay closer to home, Canadian pizza will cost you the same as ours at 0.6 slices for $1. You’ll get a bit more in Mexico at 0.9 slices, where you can enjoy your pizza with macon (similar to bacon), avocado and feta.

To see how much pizza you can get for $1 at all the places on the list — as well as their regional favorites — take a look at the graphic below and visit Climadoor’s website.

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What country would you most like to visit and try a slice of pizza?

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