Are You Showering Too Much? A Dermatologist On What You Need To Know

Most of us grew up believing that we need to shower every day, at the very least. The average American usually showers at least once per day, sometimes even more. However, you might want to reevaluate how often you bathe once you know more about how it can effect your skin. While hygiene is important, showering too often can actually have some negative effects — both for your skin’s appearance and the rest of your body’s health.

First, showering too frequently can wreak havoc on your skin by drying it out. “Over-showering strips the skin of its natural oils and may lead to dryness, scaling, itching and even eczema,” dermatologist Dr. Estee Williams told Simplemost in an interview. “Cosmetically, skin loses its luster and appears aged.” Showering too frequently can also do the same damage to your hair, removing its oils and drying the strands out.

Additionally, over-cleaning can also disrupt your body’s microbiome, throwing off the balance of bacteria and other microbes that lie inside your body and keep you healthy. This can ultimately affect your immune system and make you more prone to sickness.

Knowing how often to shower can be tricky, as there are no set guidelines. Different lifestyles can require different levels of hygiene.

“If you work out or live in a hot climate, your body will perspire more and sweat needs to be washed off, or else acne, folliculitis, fungus and yeast infections may develop,” explained Williams. “The best advice is to shower weekly for a baby, twice a week for a young child, and at least every other day for adolescents and adults. Shower after every workout and daily during the summer.”

There you have it: If you shower every single day, try going one day longer for a few weeks and seeing whether your skin’s softness improves. You might just learn that you feel — and look — a lot better!