How to order a Candy Cane Cold Brew from Starbucks’ secret menu

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It just wouldn’t be the holiday season without signature drinks from Starbucks, and it’s even more special when the seasonal sips come from the secret menu — like this new creation from TikTok darling @starbucksisbae.

The Candy Cane Cold Brew isn’t on any Starbucks menu, but you can order it in just a few simple steps. First, order a Venti Sweet Cream Cold Foam Cold Brew, but ask them to hold the vanilla. Instead, ask for four pumps of white mocha and two pumps of peppermint. Next, ask for two pumps of peppermint in the cold foam itself, and kindly request a dash of holiday sprinkles on top.

Watch @starbucksisbae explain the ordering process on TikTok:


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OK, so, it’s a bit of an involved order, but it tastes like a candy cane in a glass, so it’s the perfect complement to your holiday shopping (whether you’re shopping online or in-store).

For a holiday secret menu treat that’s more fruity than minty, try the Sugar Plum Frappuccino. Ask for a Grande Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with two pumps of raspberry and two scoops of blackberries. Then, ask for more blackberries on top.

This pretty, purple-hued drink is perfect for kids, because it has no caffeine and offers a sweet fruity taste. (If you’re seeking a sugarplum treat that will include a caffeine jolt, the Sugarplum Macchiato from Dunkin’ has espresso in it.)

Watch @starbucksisbae explain how to order the Sugar Plum Frappucino on TikTok:


The Sugar Plum Frappuccino #starbucks #starbucksdrink #starbuckssecretmenu #starbucksbaristarecipes #starbucksisbae

♬ Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Michael Bublé

And remember, throughout December, Starbucks is offering free coffee to healthcare workers and first responders as a thank-you gesture for their heroic duties. Starbucks offered a similar deal back in March, and to date, the company says they have given away over 2 million cups of coffee.

Fighting a pandemic is exhausting and heartbreaking work, so caffeine is a small way to give back to these tireless workers, as Starbucks expressed in this tweet from Dec. 1:

Will you try a festive treat from Starbucks’ secret menu this holiday season?

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