How to order a fuzzy peach refresher from Starbucks’ secret menu

Ready to try something new and different next time you stop by Starbucks for a pick-me-up? The fuzzy peach refresher is not on the official menu at the coffee chain, but you can still try one out for yourself. The unofficial beverage is super-pretty and refreshing to boot, making for the perfect springtime treat.

To order one, ask for a venti mango dragonfruit refresher with no water and no inclusions. Ask for it to be made with half peach juice, two pumps of vanilla syrup and a splash of coconut milk.

Twitter user @KevBobbitt tried it out, and noted that while the drink is “pretty good,” it’s also very sweet, which means he plans to reserve it for special occasions:

@JessicaMinich tried out the trendy drink and compared the flavor to a peach Jolly Rancher:

According to Twitter, the drink originated on TikTok. Here’s a video from Starbucks Lover at @supersecretmenu confirming the basic recipe:

@supersecretmenuThis Fuzzy Peach Refresher Is Everything You Need This Spring! ##starbucks ##starbucksdrinks ##starbucksisbae ##starbuckssecretmenu♬ white lie – contradash


Peter Reviews Stuff also gave the Fuzzy Peach Refresher a try and compared it to a peach lemonade. He admits that he’s usually not a huge fan of peach-flavored food and drinks and says the drink is more “syrupy” than he had expected but ultimately gives it an overall score of 4.5 out of 5.

Check out his whole review in the  YouTube clip below:

“If you like fruity, peachy drinks, you’ll definitely like this,” he promises.

The fuzzy peach refresher is not the only “secret” drink to become popular at Starbucks in recent months. Back in January, everyone was buzzing about the cookies and cream cold brew. Combining sweet cream cold foam cold brew with less vanilla than usual and the addition of white mocha, regular mocha to the cold foam and a sprinkle of mocha cookie crumble, this sweet treat is perfect as a dessert drink.

Do you have a favorite Starbucks secret menu item?


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