How To Raise A Kid Who Loves To Read (And Why It Matters)

The benefits of raising a child who loves to read can’t really be overstated. Not only does reading with children provide a nearly incomparable opportunity for quiet bonding time, research shows those who learn to love reading at a young age tend to be more motivated, read more and show greater language and literacy development later in life.

Some kids might seem to be born with their noses in books, but the good news is that any child can learn to love reading. Here’s what you can start doing today to raise an avid reader.

1. Start When They’re Small

Reading to your child from birth has numerous benefits. Books teach babies about communication, introduce several educational concepts and build their vocabularies, for starters.

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2. Do It Daily

Reading for 20 minutes a day will help your child prepare for school, be more successful and learn how entertaining books can be.

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3. Have Reading Material At The Ready

Kids with access to books and other reading material (from comic books to magazines and newspapers) are more likely to read and learn to enjoy the pastime.

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4. Set An Example

You are your child’s first and most significant role model. When you read for entertainment and edification, your kids glean that reading is important and enjoyable.

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5. Love The Library

Children can choose from countless titles at the local library, opening them up to a world of wonderful books. They can also make use of the numerous tools, activities and additional benefits that come with a library card.

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6. Let Them Choose

You can find books on virtually any subject, making it possible to discover titles your tot is sure to enjoy. Research shows that kids who have access to books and can choose their own reading materials are more motivated to read and have more developed reading skills.

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7. Talk About Tales

Discuss the characters and elements of a book while you are reading together and after you have finished. Talking about books shows the value you place on them and helps with reading comprehension.

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8. Make It Special

Kids crave their parents’ undivided attention. When you read to your child, put everything else aside and focus on your relationship and the story at hand. Your little one will come to see reading as a meaningful activity that they will carry on for a lifetime.

Mom reading to Isabelle
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What tips do you have for raising a child who loves to read?