How Singer Ryan Adams Ended Up Playing Weatherman For A Day

Musician Ryan Adams is a prolific singer-songwriter, but yesterday he got to try on a different career for size when he delivered the weather forecast on ABC affiliate Denver7, which is owned by E.W. Scripps, Simplemost’s parent company.

Adams snagged the gig thanks to Denver7 anchor Shannon Ogden, who also happens to be a musician, and who reached out to the alt-country superstar on Twitter. Adams even wrote a song specifically for the news station, making his plea to play meteorologist for the day, which was then set to animated video and posted to Twitter:

In town to play a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Adams showed up at the studio and presented the forecast as promised. Of course, he put his own rock star spin on it, donning sunglasses as well as a flannel shirt over a Batman T-shirt for the occasion, just as he promised in his song.

“Southeast winds, 10–15 miles per hour, for anybody that’s super into the wind, there you go. You’re hooked up, right there,” he quipped as he gestured to the weather graphics behind him. Check out the whole funny clip below:

When he gets to the forecast for the day of his concert, the words “Last time I was here it was rainin’. It ain’t rainin’ anymore!” appear on the screen.

“Those are my lyrics, on the weather, which is surreal,” he marvels.

If Adams ever gets sick of life on the road, we’d say he has a solid backup plan in place.