How This Dad Reacted When a Stranger Yelled at his Daughter With Cancer Is So Inspiring

You never really know what someone else is going through. Although it can be hard to keep this truth in mind, one dad took to Facebook to remind people not to judge those you meet, as you cannot know the details of their lives just by looking at them.

It all started when Brent Gehring left Union Oyster House, a Boston restaurant, with his 6-year-old daughter, Emma. Emma has a brain tumor, and can no longer walk without a walker due to her illness, so her dad was carrying her as they exited the restaurant.

When a stranger saw them, he yelled that Gehring should force his daughter to walk, claiming, “That’s what’s wrong with kids today.”

Although it would be tempting for Gehring to react with outrage and anger, he instead used the opportunity to teach the stranger a lesson about kindness. Check out his touching and now-viral post about the interaction below:

Gehring admitted that his immediate reaction was to yell back at the stranger, but instead, he said this:

“My daughter has been carrying my faith and my strength for the past 5 years since she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She can’t walk but I am happy to carry her because of all the amazing things she has taught me through the years. So I would advise you not address my daughter in any way other than respectful.”

Gehring continued that the interaction ended with “two grown men with tears rolling down their faces. One that needed to have his eyes opened to what real life and real love is and one that is always needing a reminder that good can come from any situation.”

Gehring then reminded people that every day presents opportunities to influence somebody’s day one way or the other, and he urged people to think about whether the way they behave will have a positive or negative impact on a person who may be struggling.

He concluded his post by promising his daughter that he will always support her, no matter what:

“I promise you this through hell and high water Emma has made each and every day of my life a blessing. I praise God for bringing her into my life. Emma you are perfect just as you are and we will help carry you through chemo #7.#EmmaStrong.”

The post has now been shared more than 1,400 times with commenters chiming in to praise this dad’s thoughtful reaction and thanking him for the reminder to show kindness whenever possible.

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