How This Mom Transformed Her Messy Laundry Room Into An Organized Masterpiece

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Now here’s a story that will astound and inspire you.

For around $400, Rhonda Batchelor, a mother of six and expert launderer, overhauled her cramped space into a blissfully organized laundry room. It’s clean, it’s efficient, and she has storage solutions I never would have thought of in a hundred years.

If your laundry room looks like the below—meaning, it could use some organization—try using some of Batchelor’s tips to get it into shape.


Here’s some of the awesome improvements she made to get her laundry room into clean, efficient working order for her family of six.

1. Hanging Bar With Color-Coded Hangers For Each Child

Make it easy on yourself to get clothes from dryer to hanger with an accessible hanging bar stocked with plenty of hangers. Batchelor wisely uses a different color hanger for each family member.


2. Her Kids Sort Their Own Laundry

Batchelor puts it on her four kids to carry their own hampers to the laundry room, then she takes it a step further and asks them all to sort their own clothing into lights, darks and it looks like there’s even a bin for hand-washables. These bins are tucked away under a counter, which means piles of laundry aren’t cluttering up the room while they wait to be washed.

Pro tip: Supply your family with light-dark hampers, and you’ll have everything sorted before it’s time to wash.

3. Get Creative With Drying Racks

Batchelor transformed several drawers in the laundry room into drying racks using dowels and mesh fabric. Then she installed a fan in the back of the cabinet in order to pull out the moisture. Best of all, she can flip the fan on with a switch, and it’ll automatically shut off after a certain amount of time. This one takes some extra effort, but it’s genius!

If that’s too involved, try investing in these stackable drying racks. Since they stack, the floor footprint is small, plus they can be easily fit together and tucked away when they’re not in use.

4. A Hideaway Ironing Board

Batchelor’s ironing board is hidden away inside a slim cabinet on the wall. This one’s easy to recreate in your own home, as there are plenty of fold-away ironing boards on the market, including some with extra shelving or other storage elements.

5. Sliding Door To Save On Space

A sliding door is a great way to save on space, no matter where it’s used. Batchelor made the smart call to install one in her laundry room to maximize the small space. Plus, don’t you love the shabby-chic look of a sliding barn door?


Get The Tour Of This Amazing Laundry Room

My hat goes off to Batchelor and HouzzTV for such a dramatic makeover. Watch the video from Houzz to get the full tour of her laundry room, and to learn more about how she pulled off this incredible transformation for less than $500.

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