10 ways to celebrate Women’s History Month

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Women’s History Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the countless contributions that women have made throughout history. In addition, intentionally commemorating this month provides an opportunity to reflect on the progress that has been made in advancing gender equality and acknowledge the ongoing challenges women face.

By highlighting the contributions of women from diverse backgrounds and experiences, we can broaden our understanding of historical achievements and promote greater inclusivity in our cultural heritage. Also, bringing attention to issues like pay equity and access to education and healthcare helps us work toward a more just and equitable world for everyone.

Here are 10 creative ways that everyone can participate in Women’s History Month with intention.

Take in tours and exhibitions

In-person and virtual tours and exhibits that showcase strong and inspiring women can help you learn more about the accomplishments of celebrated and lesser-known female figures throughout history. Additionally, you can explore how women have influenced culture, art, science, technology and other aspects of life that often go unrecognized.

For example, the City of Boston offers a virtual tour of the Women’s Heritage Trail, which you can watch on YouTube.

Host a book club

Host an in-person virtual book club featuring works written by women or about women’s experiences. Choose a book that can expand your understanding of how women have contributed to our shared culture and society and inspire you to take action. Make sure to select books written by diverse female authors to get a full range of perspectives and discussions. Invite friends who also share your interest in exploring women’s history and open up conversations about the issues faced and successes celebrated by female figures throughout the ages.


Create social media content

Creating content that recognizes women’s successes and accomplishments can help spread awareness, foster conversations and inspire others. Design graphics highlighting influential women throughout history. Share stories of inspiring women in your life on social media. Reminisce on the stories of inspiring female role models in your life, or promote events honoring Women’s History Month in your community.


Plan a movie night

Host a movie night that focuses on the successes, bravery and struggles of female figures. Choose movies that feature strong female characters, documentaries or historical accounts of influential women in history to discuss with your friends. Gather your friends and discuss the inspiring women portrayed throughout the film, debate challenges that still need to be addressed today, and discuss how you can improve your community. For an added touch, order takeout from a local woman-owned restaurant.


Listen to TED Talks

From scientists to artists, activists to CEOs, there is no shortage of inspiring stories and advice from women who have shattered glass ceilings and pushed past boundaries in their respective fields. Watching and listening to TED Talks by inspiring women can provide insight into other cultures, give you new ideas or perspectives and discover the accomplishments of these groundbreaking women.

Donate funds

Consider donating to organizations that support the empowerment of women and girls, such as those that focus on women’s education, health, legal rights and economic opportunities. Look for local charities and community organizations where your donation may go a long way in helping empower marginalized communities. Organize a fundraiser for a nonprofit that focuses on uplifting and supporting women.


Encourage young women

Inspire young girls and teens to pursue fields where they are currently underrepresented. Participate in mentorship programs or career fairs to showcase the amazing work being done by women in STEM, business and other industries. Through exposure to successful female professionals, young girls can gain confidence and feel empowered to reach their goals. Highlight female thought-leaders and creators who have shaped the world we live in. Showing them what is possible can open the door for them to find success and break barriers that still exist in our society today.


Volunteer your time

From helping out at local shelters or community centers for disadvantaged women, donating supplies to historic sites related to the women’s rights movement, tutoring low-income female students or participating in online events focused on celebrating women’s achievements, there are many ways you can contribute meaningfully and make a difference.


Support women-owned businesses

Shopping small helps support local economies and small business owners while also helping to spread awareness about the importance of celebrating Women’s History Month. Make this a more meaningful month by following influencers or bloggers who review products from female-owned companies, shopping at small businesses owned by female entrepreneurs online or in person, using social media platforms to spread awareness about buying from women-owned businesses and making it a point to leave reviews for products or services purchased from female-owned companies.


Follow female creators

Following, sharing and engaging with content from female creators who have broken down gender barriers can help increase their visibility and show our appreciation for those actively making a difference in the world. Use your social media platforms to promote diversity in both awareness and action by liking posts from inspiring female entrepreneurs, retweeting stories about gender equality issues or creating stories about inspiring women who have made an impact in history.

The Female Lead, an educational charity dedicated to making women’s stories more visible, has created a campaign encouraging everyone to scroll with purpose.

Women’s History Month is a reminder to take the time to reflect on how far women have come in terms of recognition, rights and equality over the past several decades. It’s also essential to maintain this commitment throughout the year and actively celebrate women’s accomplishments as a whole. Getting involved in any way possible is an excellent step towards perpetuating progress for women and inspiring future generations.

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