How To Make Your Own DIY ‘Plinko’ Bottle Cap Game

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There’s nothing like a great DIY project to get those creative juices flowing. Usually, adults look at these do-it-yourself adventures solely as a way to upgrade the house while saving some money. But all work and no play is no fun at all. How about a DIY project to bring some fun to the family? That’s where this Bottle Cap ‘Plinko’ Board comes into play!

‘Plinko’ is a game made popular on the classic game show “The Price Is Right.” On that show, contestants would climb to the top of a board, drop their chip in and watch as it bounced from peg to peg on its way to a slot that represented a particular prize. Usually, those prizes were various amounts of money.

Well, you can make a smaller version of this at home and customize the game however you’d like, with the slots representing either small prizes or even fun activities the player must then engage in.

We found this easy-to-make game on HGTV’s Facebook page. You can get the full materials list for this DIY game from the DIY Network’s official website, and the video below gives step-by-step instructions for building it. The materials will cost about $130 in all, which seems like a small price to pay for such an entertaining game.

The video above shows a version of Plinko that’s being used as an adult drinking game, but there’s no reason you can’t write down activities that would be fun for the whole family, like “have an impromptu dance party!” or “serenade your friends with a love ballad!”

If you love the idea of playing Plinko at your next party but feel intimidated at the thought of building your own board, you can always buy one. Boards like the one below allow you to write in new prizes or activities every time you play!


DIY or ordered online, your Plinko board will help you get that party going.