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How To Easily Stop Car Windows From Fogging Up

It really works!

Foggy windows are one of those annoying things that most people have to deal with during the winter months. The good news is that we’ve found one simple trick that claims to make those foggy windows a thing of the past.

You just need an old pair of socks and a little cat litter. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s reported that the cat litter will help absorb any moisture inside your car.

Note: Of course they mean new cat litter that your kitty hasn’t already used.


The video says it will take a few days before you see the results. Will you try it? Perhaps rice will work too?

Another product you can try is this absorbent gel can. Full of little beads (like the ones in those little white silica gel packs), they absorb moisture in the surrounding air. The description recommends using the product to help keep closets, electrical equipment or tools packed in bags or boxes free from moisture.

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One canister is about 4.5″x5.5″ in size and should remove moisture from 57 cubic feet, perfect for inside a smaller car. If you have a larger SUV, you may want two for maximum effectiveness.

Perhaps the best part? When the indicator turns clear, it’s a visual reminder that the can needs to be reactivated. Simply pop into a warm oven to dry out the beads and voila! You’re ready to go again.

Rechargeable Silica Gel Can, $16

Get more tips in the video below:

How To Get Your Car Cleaner Than Ever Before

Are you tired of finding old Starbucks cups or granola bar wrappers between your car seats? (I know I am!) Or tired of making excuses why you cannot give someone a ride, because you’d hate for them to see your messy car?

Here are five super-easy cleaning hacks for your car, because we could probably all benefit from these simple tips and tricks, and stop finding not-so-fun, sticky surprises between our car seats.

1. Use Cupcake Liners In Your Cup Holders

I love love LOVE this idea. Just add some cupcake liners to your cup holders, and when they start to get cluttered, remove and replace them! The Kids Activities Blog recommends silicone ones, which makes sense, though I opted for some fun flowery ones inside the silicone ones. The color and design combo possibilities are endless!

image (24)

2. A Remote Control Caddy-Turned-Organizer For The Interior

If you’re tired of finding pens and pencils on your floor mats instead of in one place, you may want to try this hack. Just get a remote control caddy and affix it to the side of one of your seats. Add pencils, business cards, mini notebooks, you name it. A realtor friend of mine did this and her (car) life’s way more together than it’s ever been before, she says.