How to fake an expensive-looking patio with spray paint

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There’s still time to squeeze in an outdoor project before the warm weather fades away, so if you’ve been looking for the perfect weekend DIY — this is it.

To ensure you fully enjoy the rest of your summertime backyard parties, you’re going to need a spruced-up patio space, and this spray paint hack we’re about to share with you is easy and affordable. So get ready to take your entertaining up a notch.

Using little more than a few cans of spray paint, you can fake a stone walkway in order to add some dimension to your entryway, driveway or backyard patio area. A tutorial was posted by the DIY with Hometalk Facebook account, and it walks you through your next at-home project step by step.

You’ll need spray paint, a concrete walk maker as a stencil and a sealant. Once your concrete is prepped, you can let your creativity take over as you paint “stepping stones” on the concrete surface.

See how it’s done here:

As you can see, the finished product looks great, and it’s far cheaper than demolishing your current concrete area and adding actual stones.

This isn’t the only way you can achieve a faux stone area in your yard, either.

Handmade Stepping Stones

If you’re looking to spruce up a grass area, you can add handmade mosaic stepping stones to transform the space. An awesome tutorial for this comes by way of the Intimate Weddings blog, and they suggest that these make great take-home wedding presents for guests as well. So maybe you could build your own dance floor and then let the guests disassemble it on the way out? Not a bad idea!

Intimate Weddings

Concrete Stones

If you’re looking to jazz up an area made of concrete, you can always use the mold that served as a stencil in the video above as a way to create stone shapes. This video from the QUIKRETE YouTube channel shows how the process is done:

Faux Brick

Using nothing more than a sponge, measuring tape and some paint, you can create a faux brick look on your patio, walkway and more. The Desha blog details exactly how to make your entertaining space look like this:


Painted Stone

Got a crack in your concrete? This is the DIY for you! The Wall Murals by Colette YouTube channel will show you how to transform your concrete patio into a beautiful “stone” surface just by spreading some paint around. It’s simple to do and looks beautiful when finished.

Faux Flagstone

This tutorial from the City YouTube channel uses a concrete compound to create a textured, stone-like surface that can be added right on top of the existing concrete. The end result? A gorgeous flagstone patio, minus the actual flagstone.

Who’s ready to give their outdoor area a stone look just in time to soak up the last bit of summer?

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