How To Make Fried Oreos At Home Using An Air Fryer

Lawsuit Seeks To Ban Oreo Cookies In California
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Oreos are pretty much beloved by everybody. Whether you like them intact, or you’re the type to separate the cookies from the frosting first, there’s no wrong way to enjoy the cookies. One way to improve upon the Oreo-eating experience, if you haven’t tried it yet, is to fry the Oreo. Of course, you can usually get a deep-fried Oreo at a fair, but you can also make this delicious treat at home using an air fryer.

All you need to pull off this indulgent snack are some Oreos, batter or dough to fry it in and an air fryer. You simply coat the Oreos in the batter and put it in the air fryer at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for six minutes. You can sprinkle them with powdered sugar before eating, or just dunk them in milk.

This recipe from Dana Vento uses some yummy-sounding Funfetti batter and is definitely worth making as a special treat.

Dana Vento

Oreos aren’t the only food that can be transformed using an air fryer. Popping bacon in an air fryer will eliminate the greasy mess, and it will come out perfectly crispy as well. That’s because air fryers use superheated air to “fry” foods, all while whisking away excess oil in the process. (Healthier bacon? Yes, please!)

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These air fryer chicken wings with buffalo sauce sound perfect for a Sunday football get-together.

Ethan Calabrese

These peanut butter banana dessert bites sound heavenly and look super-sophisticated when dusted with powdered sugar and plated with some ice cream.

This Old Gal

Air Fryer Basics

Curious about all there is to know about air fryers? Well, for starters, they offer a healthier way to cook foods that are typically fried and packed with fatty oil. In fact, Caitlin Bart, the senior marketing manager of kitchen appliances at Philips, told Mic that air-fried french fries had 75 percent less fat compared to homemade french fries.


But air fryers can also be used to cook already healthy foods, like vegetables.

“If you can bake it in the oven, you can make it in the air fryer,” JL Fields, a vegan culinary instructor and author of “The Vegan Air Fryer,” told Simplemost. “But you’ll do so at 30 degrees lower temperature and in half the time.”

Also important to note: At anywhere from $60 to $400, air fryers can get pricey. But if you’re ready to make the purchase, then Consumer Reports featured a round-up of seven air fryers you might want to check out before you do.

We’re curious: Do you have a favorite air fryer recipe?

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