How to get a free TSA Pre-Check membership

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Airport security checkpoints can be among the worst things about air travel. Most of us would like to have the TSA Pre-Check so we can skip the long lines and the wait, but the $85 cost to have it processed steers us away from this travel perk.

If you have a trip coming up this year, there is some good news. There’s a way to get a free TSA Pre-Check membership.

Right now, there are at least 12 credit cards and 5 loyalty programs that will let you get a TSA Pre-Check membership for free.

The credit cards include certain American Express cards, Bank of America premium rewards, Chase Sapphire and Expedia Voyager card from Citi.

The loyalty programs include Marriott rewards, United Mileage Plus and Club Carlson.

We found, while many of the credit cards cover the $85 TSA Pre-Check fee outright, the loyalty programs pay for it with points.

You also need to consider if there’s an annual fee for the credit card and if the tradeoff is worth it.

Of course anytime you sign up for a credit card and or loyalty program you’ll want to read the fine print, but it could be worth your while to check out your options to save some cash, and some time, when you travel.

Written by Annie Taylor for Scripps National Desk.

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