How to get any size french fries for $1 at Wendy’s

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Anyone who loves fast food knows the best part is the French fries. I mean, really, is it even debatable? They’re hot, crispy, salty and easy to eat quickly, which, if you’re having fast food, is probably a huge benefit.

While they’re also usually one of the cheapest items on the menu, Wendy’s is now taking it a step further and making any size fry just $1. Yup — small, medium or large is now just $1 every day at Wendy’s for a limited time. Although of course you’re going to get the large, so is it really a choice?

The deal does not apply to combo meals, so you’ll only be able to make every day “FryDay” for $1 if you order them separately from the rest of your food. And while it’s not a huge savings, a large fry usually costs around $2.19, so you’ll be saving at least $1 — which you can, of course, put toward the Frosty you’re inevitably going to order anyway.


If you’ve never tried using your Frosty for a French fry dip, let me first suggest you do that ASAP. If you’re not a fan, make sure you grab lots of your favorite sauce and this handy device that will hold your ketchup or sauce of your choosing while you’re driving. Because, let’s be honest, you’re not going to wait until you get home to dig into those fries.

Will you be heading to Wendy’s soon for your $1 French fries?