Here’s how you could get a Dairy Queen Blizzard bar at your wedding

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Wedding cakes aren’t for everyone. If you and your beloved are planning the dessert for your reception, you might go with an alternative option — a Dairy Queen Blizzard bar, featuring the chain’s soft serve with mix-ins like candy and cookies.

Technically, International Dairy Queen, Inc. doesn’t provide catering, per se. But there are ways to make it happen. Cassie Horrell, an event planner and the author of “My Wedding My Way,” has seen several wedding with a Blizzard bar, and she’s posted a TikTok video explaining how you can secure DQ Blizzards at your big event.

Horrell explains that when she initially inquired about wedding Blizzards on the company’s site, the response was a polite no, because Dairy Queen equipment, for the most part, is not mobile. But Horrell persisted and soon discovered that each DQ store is privately owned.

“So you know they have their own set of rules,” she says.

In other words, the key is to contact your local DQ store. Watch her explain the process here:

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In the video, Horrell explains that there are two ways to go about setting up a wedding reception Blizzard bar. The first is to preorder a set number of Blizzards already made and have them delivered (or pick them up yourself).

“You need to designate someone at your wedding to be manning this Blizzard bar,” if you choose that option, she says.

The second way is only for those lucky enough to live near a DQ that’s willing to run a Blizzard bar for you. When Horrell orders from her local DQ in the Bethel Park section of Pittsburg, the store’s staff brings the Blizzard machine, ice cream, toppings, spoons, napkins and cups. Guests can approach the bar and order a Blizzard with their chosen toppings, just as they would at a DQ. Their one limitation is that if you want more than 100 Blizzards, they must be premade.

The wedding hosts prepay for the desserts ($4-$6.50 per Blizzard, depending on the cup size), along with a $150 delivery fee and a staffing fee.

“It is a HUGE hit at weddings,” Horrell told People. “Delicious, unique and interactive — three things that help make a wedding unforgettable!”

She posted a second video in which she shows what the Blizzard bar looked like at one of her recent events.

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With all this buzz happening, DQ issued an official statement to People, saying, “Through pre-arranged orders and delivery, our fans have a way to get their favorite DQ treats on their special day.”

You may love the idea of offering a unique dessert at your wedding, but perhaps Blizzards aren’t your favorite. In that case, you might type in “non-traditional wedding desserts” on TikTok, where you’ll find dozens of ideas from unconventional thinkers. TikTok users like The Finance Brides and Laura Fragoso Hiller are brimming with unique wedding dessert ideas, including doughnuts, pies, churros, a tower of Oreos, cannolis, cake pops, a cake made of crepes and cream, or Crumbl cookie party boxes. With a little ingenuity and determination, you can probably get it done.

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