How to make a DIY succulent heart planter

Succulents are adorable plants that retain water in their thick, fleshy leaves and stems, making them easy to take care of. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to water them—they come from arid areas and only need to be tended to when the soil is totally dry.

They can also be quite stunning. They come in a variety of colors, ranging from green and bluish-purple to light pinks and many shades in between. Adding to the fun is the fact that these little guys also come in all sorts of sizes and shapes! Because they’re so visually appealing, they’re often used in hanging gardens, which add an element of whimsy to any backyard or well-lit wall.

succulent photo
Flickr | Living in Monrovia

If you’re looking to create a stunning hanging succulent planter of your own, all you’ll need are some basic tools, plus a foam core sheet, sphagnum moss, fast-drying concrete (if you’re making your own form), chicken wire and your plants.

Check out the tips and handy DIY succulent heart video below before you start your project:

Prep Succulents The Day Before

Before you begin, make sure your succulent cuttings have time to develop scabs where you cut the stems. Take your succulent and snip the ends, leaving enough of the stem to stick into your form once ready.

Make The Shape Of Your Planter

Depending on the method you choose, you can either use concrete to fill a custom-made shape, a frame fashioned from utility wire or—the easiest option—a heart-shaped baking pan, like the one used in the hanging succulent planter made by Butterflies and Baubles.

Butterflies and Baubles

Decide Whether To Fill The Shape With Foam Or Soil

Whether you choose to fill your shape with wet foam or soil, you’ll need to cover it with sphagnum moss afterward to retain moisture and, finally, wrap the whole thing with chicken wire to keep everything neat and tidy.

Insert Your Succulents

This step is the fun part! Poke a hole through the soil that’s covered by the moss and chicken wire and insert your succulent’s stem into the hole. Carefully bend the wire back into place after inserting your plant. Continue to do this until you have a full, gorgeous hanging planter. Again, we’re partial to the one Butterflies and Baubles put together:

Butterflies and Baubles

For more inspiration, go drool over all of the succulent hearts on Instagram. Like this one put together by Instagram user @grownbyfaith:

Or this mostly green one from Instagram user @thegardenstulare:

We love the tiny pops of color in this other one they offer:

Who else is a fan of succulents? Has anyone made a hanging planter before and have tips to share?