How to make cheesesteak potato skins, the ultimate mashup of two delicious dishes


Whether you’re entertaining a group for a party, or simply have ravenous kids, this recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Cheesesteak potato skins are the perfect mashup of meaty, cheesy Philly Cheesesteak and crispy potato skins, and it definitely deserves a place on your snack table.

The Real Housemoms website has a recipe that’s easy to make and requires just a few ingredients, including steak, mushrooms and bell peppers for the filling and, of course, hollowed-out potatoes in place of bread. Altogether, you’ve got the ultimate cheesesteak-inspired appetizer!

In this version of the recipe, you’ll end up with most of the potato left over, since you only need the skins, so you can save that part to make mashed potatoes to serve as a side during the main course. Genius, right?

Once the potato skins are nice and crispy, you’ll fill them with the meat and vegetables and top them with plenty of cheese. Pop them into the oven and you’ll have bites of cheesesteak perfection.

If you’re not planning to use the discarded center of the potato to make another dish, you might also want to check out this recipe from Kraft, which puts the potato back in with the meat and veggies as part of the filling. Kraft teamed up with Tasty to create a video to show you how this delicious appetizer is made:

The addition of cheesesteak to a potato skin is definitely a unique take on traditional loaded baked potato skins. If you’re curious to know what other combos people have come up with, you’re going to love these mashups, too:

Saving Room For Dessert has a recipe for Buffalo chicken potato skins that is practically begging to be served on game day. It’s the best combination of traditional snacks — chicken wings and potato skins — ever.

Or, if you’re hosting a holiday brunch, this recipe for bacon and egg potato skins should be on the menu. This recipe from Three Olives Branch shows how you can serve up a sunny side up egg and bacon inside of a potato for a savory breakfast (or any time of the day) option:

Instead of ordering a pizza, you can serve one up inside of a potato thanks to this recipe from Centercut Cook which combines all of your cravings into one bite. There are pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni packed into a salty, crispy potato:

Get ready to impress your guests! Which new take on potato skins will you try?


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