How to make creme brulee pumpkin chocolate cheesecake bars

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Bored of regular old pumpkin pie? While we can all agree it’s a Thanksgiving staple, there’s no harm in changing things up. Especially if you’re over the mushy blandness that sometimes makes an appearance during a post-turkey feast. What to do? Here’s a holiday game-changer that’s going to (probably) revolutionize the way you look at pumpkin desserts—  crème brûlée pumpkin chocolate cheesecake bars!

This layered dessert treat comes with a creamy, spice-driven pumpkin layer that’s extra indulgent thanks to the cheesecake component of the recipe, a gooey, indulgent chocolate layer and, finally, a classic graham cracker crust to keep the delicious square together. It’s finished with a sprinkle of sugar and a torch, creating a fancy brûlée top that gives it a little crunch.

Blogger Handle The Heat loves this recipe because of its textures, and we couldn’t agree more. A buttery, crunchy crust? A layer of rich chocolate? Pumpkin cheesecake, topped with caramelized sugar? Yes, please! Her recipe is very easy to follow, while her post has some excellent guidelines on what to expect when baking this treat up.

Handle The Heat

Another impressive bar that’s sure to be a crowd pleaser? This beautifully decorated pumpkin brûlée cheesecake bar by Blogger Cooking Classy, who tops each bar with a delicate brûlée crust, a dollop of whipped cream, a dash of cinnamon and a pecan alongside a mint leaf.

If you’re worried about getting the perfect cheesecake consistency, check out her post, where she dives into her tips on how to get just the right texture. Hint: it involves getting some moisture out of the pumpkin puree!

Cooking Classy

If the idea of torching something is too intimidating, have no fear! Blogger Chatelaine has a quick and easy pumpkin and chocolate cheesecake bar recipe that takes just a little over an hour to make and requires only one more hour of refrigeration. These thick, dense bars are packed with fall flavors and a little extra spice thanks to the finely chopped ginger that’s in the bar. This version of the cheesecake bar is perfect for the pie lover looking to make their dessert stand out without rocking the boat too much.

Do you have any unique pumpkin-centric desserts you make during the holidays?

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