This Easy No-Sew Dog Sweater Will Warm Up Your Chilly Dog In No Time

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The dead of winter means brutally cold temperatures are here in many parts of the country. If you bundle up to brave the cold, you may want to make sure your pet has some protection from the elements, too. Depending on your dog’s size, coat and breed, an extra layer may be in order when you take them out for a walk.

And even if it’s perfectly temperate in your neck of the woods, you can’t deny that a dog in a sweater is a precious sight to behold.

Whether you’re the crafty type or not, you can make an adorable dog sweater in just five minutes. No sewing required! All you need is an old sweater, sweatshirt or sweatpants and a pair of scissors. (This would be the perfect use for old clothing items you’re prepared to toss after going all in on the KonMari method. Seeing your dog wearing a cute sweater will definitely spark joy!)

Check out this tutorial from The Thrifty Couple that shows you how. The results are so cute and will keep your pup warm all winter long:

The Thrifty Couple

If you’re not afraid of being a little extra, you could even make a matching set so that you and your pooch will coordinate. If your dog is small enough, you can also turn a sweater into a short-sleeved shirt, while only using the bottom part of the sleeves for your dog’s sweater. Check out this strategy as demonstrated by Must Have Mom.

Must Have Mom


Turning your old sweaters into a mini version for your pooch is not the only way to repurpose them for your furry friends. You can also use old sweaters to make cozy dog beds. You’ll also need pillow stuffing, yarn or thread, scissors, a large needle and a pillow. Check out the step-by-step instructions from Critter Crafts in the video below:

Too cute!

Will you be upcycling a sweater into something adorable for your pup?

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