These Grinch cupcakes are almost too cute to eat

The Grinch might not like Christmas, but Christmas sure loves him.

The latest Grinch-themed hit at your holiday table could be these ultra-cute Grinch cupcakes. The recipe, by Tastemade, decorates regular-old vanilla cupcakes — dyed green, of course — with a Santa-hatted Grinch peeping over the top of the cup. There’s a lot of frosting, but it’s worth it!

A sweet surprise awaits inside each cupcake, too: a Lindor truffle baked right into the middle. Is your mouth watering yet?

Pro bakery The Cupcakery Las Vegas makes a similar cupcake, shown below on their Instagram account:

As you can see, they’re quite decoration-heavy. But with a few pastry bags and an unhurried approach, the same look is achievable in your own kitchen.

The vanilla cupcake batter is standard — butter, sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla extract, baking soda. Things get fancy with the addition of the Lindor truffle (or whatever small, round chocolatey treat you have on hand). You simply poke a truffle into each cupcake after the batter’s been poured into the cupcake tin, just before baking.

The frosting’s a basic buttercream, but here’s where things get tricky: The buttercream needs to get dyed four different colors in four different amounts. You’ll need a different-size piping tip on each color’s pastry bag.

The Frosted Cupcake shop in Canada used chocolate cake batter for a delicious variation:

They’re almost too adorable to eat! Almost. Their good looks would not protect them in my house.

For the full recipe, including a video that demonstrates the decoration techniques, visit Tastemade here.

Will you add some Grinch-style sweets to your holiday spread this week?

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