How to make mashed potatoes without peeling or mashing them

Mashed potatoes in white bowl

Mashed potatoes and holiday meals are a match made in food heaven. But, this favorite side dish can be a hassle for the person preparing and cooking for the big meal.

Making creamy, delicious mashed potatoes is a time-consuming addition to the menu. Traditionally, we peel the potatoes (a process no one enjoys) and then cut them into smaller pieces to help them cook faster in the boiling water. When the potatoes finish cooking, they must be drained and mashed.

What if there were an easier way to make mashed potatoes? TikTok has the solution!

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Cook mashes potatoes in bowl with masher

TikTok has so many food tricks we’ve lost count. And, during the holidays, we can all use time-saving tips to make our lives easier. So, when we came across this prep method that required no potato peeling or cutting before cooking, we had to share it!

But wait. No potato peeling? How is that possible? We don’t want peels in our mashed potatoes!

The secret tool in this food hack is a baking or cooling rack! Once the potatoes are cooked, the rack does all the heavy work for us.

The process is super simple.

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First, get out enough potatoes to feed whoever is coming to dinner. For the creamiest mashed potatoes, Food Network recommends starchy varieties such as russet, Idaho or Yukon Gold.

Next, boil the whole, unpeeled potatoes in a big pot of water until you can stick a fork into them. You don’t want them too mushy.

Once the potatoes are cooked, take them out and put them on a plate to cool for a few minutes. Once cooled, you’ll cut each of them in half.

Cooked whole potatoes

Then, this is when the magic happens!

Get a large bowl and your metal baking rack. Place the rack over the bowl, grab a cooked potato half and push it through the rack, skin side up. The mashed potato will fall into the bowl and leave the skin behind on the rack!

We don’t blame you if you need to see this trick to believe it. TikTok food content creator @lorafied shared her mashed potato shortcut on the social media app last year before Thanksgiving. The trick went viral, naturally.

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Once they are in the bowl, add the cream, butter or whatever else you do to make your mashed potatoes the best in the world and enjoy!

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