How To Make Money By Using Your Fitbit (Or Other Activity Tracker)

Activity trackers are increasingly popular across the country. They’re a great way to keep you motivated and ensure you’re staying active. Research shows that by simply increasing activity levels and moving away from a sedentary lifestyle, you can greatly improve your health.

In addition to the health benefits, you can actually earn money with your activity tracker!

Here are five ways you can earn some extra spending money just by walking around. Check out Penny Pinching Mom for all the details.

1. Earn $5 For Every 14 Miles Walked – Shop Your Way

For just walking around, Shop Your Way Rewards will give you money (FitBit required). It’s that easy. Just create an account on Shop You Way Rewards and then create an account on (use the same login information). That’s it. You will earn points and can redeem them on Shop Your Way. For more details, click here.

2. Earn Walgreen’s Balance Rewards Points

By connecting your Fitbit to your Walgreen’s Balance Rewards card you can earn points.

Just sign-up for a Balance Rewards card at and then go to the “Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices” section to connect your Fitbit. For specific details, click here.

3. Get $50 for Every 50,000 Points from AcheiveMint

AcheiveMint is an app that helps you earn points by doing activities. Download and sign-up for the app and then connect your Fitbit. Nothing more to do. For more details, click here.

4. Every Move to Earn Points

Every Move is an organization dedicated to helping people live more active lives. Sign-up and connect your Fitbit or other tracker then add your Health Plan, Employer, and Activity. For more details, click here.

5. Use Higi to Earn points to donate to charity (or keep for yourself)

You can either redeem points towards products or donate the points to charity. Sign-up for a Higo account, connect your device, and then start redeeming  points. For more details, click here.