How to make gorgeous ‘roses’ out of fall leaves

Fall is hands down one of our favorite seasons. What’s not to love? Pumpkin spice delights, crisp weather, apple picking, colorful trees and Halloween costumes make it practically unbeatable. And now there’s one more awesome reason to fall even more in love with autumn.

This seasonal craft allows you to turn the beautiful leaves changing color all around you into something even more gorgeous. The simple project, from Kate Pruitt via Design Sponge, requires only a few supplies. First, gather together a variety of sizes of colorful maple leaves, a few short twigs, scissors and floral tape. With these supplies and this step by step video from The Crafty Mom, you can make a bouquet of gorgeous autumn roses.

The secret to these autumn blooms is freshly fallen, dry leaves. You’ll need to gather about 10 leaves to make each flower. That shouldn’t be a hard task at all. Just walk out your door and scoop up a few vivid handfuls.

Start with one of the smaller leaves, folding and rolling it and keep going with each successive leaf, making sure to hold the bud together as you add more leaves. Using smaller leaves at the beginning, and making them progressively larger, is the way to go. You can add as many or as few leaves as you want to make a smaller or larger bloom.

Once you’ve made the flower the size you’d like, pinch the leaf stems together and wrap the whole thing tightly with florist tape to secure it. Then trim the ends of the stems with scissors.

You can upgrade each bloom and make them into long stem roses. To do this, grab the sticks and attach one to each flower with florist tape. Finish it off by wrapping florist tape down the length of the stick.

Voila! The perfect seasonal bouquet.