How to make Tom Hanks’ ’Diet Cokagne’ Coke and Champagne cocktail

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Diet Coke and Champagne may seem like an unlikely duo. One is an every day beverage, and the other is often saved for celebrations and night clubs. But, thanks to Tom Hanks the internet has discovered that, mixed together, these two seemingly opposite beverages make for a delicious cocktail.

Hanks recently appeared on the “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” where the 66-year-old told the host and audience about his new cocktail discovery that he dubbed the “Diet Cokagne.” The actor, who describes himself as “not a big drinker,” typically orders a Diet Coke as his beverage of choice. However, in a moment of inspiration while celebrating at a restaurant, it occurred to the actor to ask for a shot of Champagne to be added to his Diet Coke. The result was a delicious cocktail that Hanks claimed everyone at the table declared was “pretty good.”

How to make a Diet Cokagne cocktail

To make Diet Cokagne, Hanks recommends filling a glass two-thirds of the way with Diet Coke. However, if you’re not a Diet Coke fan, Hanks insists any Coke product will do. Then, top the glass off with Champagne or a sparkling wine of your choice.

On “The Late Show,” Hanks and Colbert opted for Veuve Cliquot, a pricey brand of French Champagne. The mixture results in pretty amber color that Colbert described as an “American Aperol Spritz.” After a few sips, the talk show host admitted to Hanks that the cocktail was “strangely, strikingly, shamefully good,” and it seems that cocktail enthusiasts across the internet tend to agree.

Across TikTok, users tested out the concoction, including actor Elizabeth Banks, who used sparkling wine in a can and proclaimed the end result as “freaking good.”


Cheers to you @tomhanks 🥂 #DietCokagne

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Even professional cocktail writers agreed.

“It’s actually kind of delightful,” food editor Claire Lower admitted on LifeHacker.

Would you try the Diet Cokagne cocktail?

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